We're Back…

These were the words the International Lining Technology (ILT) crew proudly declared as they pulled into the Carlotta Copper Mine in Miami, AZ. As they looked over the expansive 3 million square feet, it felt like very familiar territory for the job superintendent as this was the second phase to the Copper Mine that ILT had been involved in. They had already completed the first phase of 6.1 million square feet of 80 mil textured HDPE over GCL,so this phase seems, well, half as difficult…right?As before, the crew has to take on the daunting task of installing a Valley Fill Leach Pad. But, as difficult as this task is, our crew was up for it. They are well-trained in techniques and practices that go well beyond a normal installation.

Our team is working closely with the Kiewit team to ensure that the owner’s parameters on this design are met. The major obstacle is to overcome the owner’s environmental challenges. Even with these challenges, our team seems confident that they will have this project finished by the end of the summer.

Once our team has finished, we will have more exciting news and stories to pass your way. Stay tuned…

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