Time to hit the geosynthetics books

As the new academic year begins, many students are hitting the books and so should we. During the past year, several books of note about geosynthetics were published. International Lining Technology looks into which ones are worth adding to your personal library. Geotextiles: From Design to Applications If you are looking for a comprehensive book […]

Photo of the Month: Blackfoot Bridge

International Lining Technology ends June with a featured photo from July 2013. Our crew has a great time at the Blackfoot Bridge Phase 3 project in Soda Springs, Idaho. ILT is one of the nation’s leading geosynthetics and geomembrane contractors, and we offer pond, pit, pad and canal lining services. Our projects take us to […]

Project of the Month: Kendall Jackson Winery

As summer gets going, we sometimes like to enjoy a glass of wine after work. This brings to mind the Kendall Jackson Winery. International Lining Technology just finished a project for the family owned winery in Boonville, California. Eleven crew members completed installing 127,466 square feet of 60-mil smooth HDPE in November. International Lining Technology […]

Project of the Month: Waimanola Gulch Landfill

This month, International Lining Technology features a project from Hawaii. The Waimanola Gulch Landfill Cell E9 UV Cover job at Kapolei, Hawaii, was completed in August 2015. Superintendent Dave Hartman and 10 other crew members spent two months installing 201,027 square feet of 60 mil HDPE, 201,505 square feet of 40 mil HDPE, 200,404 square […]

Project of the Month: Huffaker Hills Reservoir

April’s project of the month is close to headquarters with the Huffaker Hills Reservior in Reno, Nevada. In December, Superintendent Gilberto Mendoza and 12 other employees installed 60-mil textured HDPE, ballast and batten at the reservoir and water containment project. Since it was a two-minute drive from our offices, project manager Sean Gill was able […]

Photos of the Month: Kapaa Landfill

This month, the crew of International Lining Technology takes us to Kailau, Hawaii. Superintendent Gilberto Mendoza took these photos of the Kapaa landfill project in November, including several waterfalls that were next to the job site. ILT is one of the nation’s leading geosynthetics and geomembrane contractors, and we offer pond, pit, pad and canal […]

Project of the Month: Port Angeles landfill

International Lining Technology’s featured project of the month takes us to Port Angeles landfill in Washington state. On Jan. 12, the experienced crew completed the installation of a specialty turf-based landfill closure system along with the installation and welding the new system to existing liners, pond relining and sealing of the closure system to the […]

Leap on these geosynthetics growth opportunities

Happy Leap Day. As you have an extra day this year, why don’t you take this opportunity to jump on these opportunities for growth in the geosynthetics industry. For students: The Geosynthetic Institute is looking for master’s and doctoral degree candidates to submit request for proposals for its upcoming academic year fellowship. A student will […]

Photo of the Month: Borealis Mine leach pad and ponds

This month, International Lining Technology features the Borealis Mine project. In 2011, crews worked on the leach pad and ponds lining installation in Hawthorne, Nevada. Superintendent Juan Ayala took photos of the progress. ILT is one of the nation’s leading geosynthetics and geomembrane contractors, and we offer pond, pit, pad and canal lining services. Our […]

Project of the Month: Mesquite Mine Pad 7

This month’s project takes us to Brawley, California, for phase 3 of the Mesquite Mine Pad 7 project. International Lining Technology crews, including project superintendent Juan Ayala, installed more than 2.8 million square feet of 80 mil LLDPE at the end of 2015. In addition to photos, we are using the latest in technology to […]