New technology, 3-D printing could change geosynthetics industry

In recent weeks, several articles have crossed our desks about new material and technology that could turn the geosynthetics industry on its head. The potential of new material such as nanogeocomposites and 3-D printing could expand the uses and durability of geotextiles, geomembranes, waterproofing membranes and geosynthetic clay liners. Both of these articles can be […]

Photo of the Month: Empire Mine State Park

International Lining Technology’s photos of the month takes us to the Empire Mine State Park in Grass Valley, California with before and after images. In September 2011, our crews installed more than 127,000 square feet of lining. In April, project manager Sean visited the site after it had been filled.

Project of the Month: CS Mine Phase 1

International Lining Technology plays a large role during mining operations. One of our latest projects shows exactly how large and important our jobs are in sustaining an environmentally conscious work site. Superintendent Juan Ayala and his crew of 12 installed 40 mil HDPE smooth liner at the CS Mine Phase 1 project in Milford, Utah. […]

Time to enhance your geosynthetic installation skills

Today is the first day of school for many children in International Lining Technology’s hometown of Reno, Nevada. It also is good time to consider expanding our skill set and knowledge as geosynthetic applications and other related industries continue to evolve. We have highlighted three different courses that may enhance your career, and a few […]

Heap leaching conference held close to home

Nevada is the site of the some of the largest mining operations in the world. Many advancements have come from the industry, including precious metal heap leaching. As such, the third annual international conference on heap leach solutions will be held Sept. 12-16 at the Peppermill Resort Hotel Casino in Reno, International Lining Technology’s hometown. […]