Heap leaching conference held close to home

Nevada is the site of the some of the largest mining operations in the world. Many advancements have come from the industry, including precious metal heap leaching. As such, the third annual international conference on heap leach solutions will be held Sept. 12-16 at the Peppermill Resort Hotel Casino in Reno, International Lining Technology’s hometown.

ILT’s very own Sean Gill will be in attendance. Gill will be attending the short course, “Heap Leach Design, Operations and Closure.” The two-day course will cover the impact of heap leaching, which is an extraction process involving placing precious metal ore on a pad in a pile and sprinkling a leaching solvent that dissolves the metal. Gold, silver, copper or uranium is then collected at the bottom of the pad for further processing.

Gill also will be on floor networking with other attendees.

International Lining Technology is one of the nation’s leading geosynthetics and geomembrane contractors, and we offer pond, pit, pad and canal lining services.

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