Project of the Month: Reid Gardner Coal Ash Containment

ILT crew places sandbags ILT wedge welder ILT crew placing material in anchor trench ILT crew pulling liner ILT crew at sunrise ILT First Roll of LinerInternational Lining Technology began work at NVEnergy’s Reid Gardner Generating Station on November 28th, 2016. Eagle View Construction performed the earth work on this project. The subgrade was quickly approved and work commenced the morning of the 29th by unrolling  the geomembrane. The site itself allowed for very efficient work as there were minimal slopes that our all-terrain forklifts could easily navigate. QC inspections included trial welds and destruction tests, all of which passed inspection from a GeoLogic QC expert and a field engineer from CH2M Hill. Within the first week, International Lining Technology was able to place all panels and fusion-weld all the seams before the weather took a turn and high winds forced us to stop work on a Friday afternoon. The Reid Gardner project required approximately 500,000 SF of 60mil smooth HDPE Geomembrane liner with a corresponding geocomposite layer placed on top. The project has been split up into two phases. Once Eagle View Construction completes the proper subgrade fill on the second half of the terrain,  ILT will return for the second phase in early 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Get your coal ash pond properly lined with International Lining Technology. We are one of the nation’s leading geosynthetic and geomembrane lining installers offering pond, pit, pad and canal lining installation services across the U.S.

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