Photo of the Month: TRACEN Petaluma

International Lining Technology would like to feature this photo from our work at the TRACEN Petaluma wastewater facility in California. Superintendent Juan Ayala took the photo of our crews working at the job site in September 2013. ILT is one of the nation’s leading geosynthetics and geomembrane contractors, and we offer pond, pit, pad and […]

Project of the Month: Western Mesquite Pad

This month, International Lining Technology is featuring one of our recently completed projects. Our 13-man crew spent a few months at the Western Mesquite Pad 7 in Brawley, California this year. From February until earlier this month, they installed more than 1.4 million square feet of Microspike and 674,775 square feet of 80 mil smooth. […]

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International Lining Technology installs liner at Bishop Mill facility

International Lining Technology just completed a job for CMC Metals Ltd. Our crews installed a double-lined geomembrane liner in the company’s waste management unit at its Bishop Mill facility. It was a necessary step before operations begin at the facility. It will process high-grade material gathered at the nearby Radcliff Mine. International Lining Technology is […]

GeoAmericas 2016 abstract deadline extended

As an update to last week’s post, the GeoAmericas 2016 abstract deadline has been extended to April 10. GeoAmericas 2016, the third Pan-American conference on geosynthetics, is a gathering of engineers, academic-related professionals, facility owners, regulators and installers, such as International Lining Technology. It will be held April 10-13 in Miami Beach, Florida. This is […]