How geosynthetic lining improves aquaculture industry

Living in the high desert of Northern Nevada, the folks at International Lining Technology are hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean. But an article in Geosynthetica, “Geosynthetic Lining Systems in Fish Farming,” caught our attention as we were catching up on the other news such as the passage of the U.S. transportation bill and wearable fabrics.

As the world continues to grow, resources and sustainability become key in maintaining the ecosystem that can support life on this planet. In this effort, several countries including Norway have made aquaculture, also know as fish farming, a major part of their economies. From salmon to tilapia to carp, the fish on your plate might be farm raised.

This article gave a case study about the salmon breeding facility in Salsbruket, Norway. Agru installed concrete protective liner as a solution that offer a low maintenance, long-term environmentally safe system for the owners and their stock. It spawned several other projects in the area.

While International Lining Technology commonly installs geosynthetic liners for mining, waste management or other industrial uses, fish farming is another example of what problems geomembranes can help solve.



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