Project of the Month: Humboldt Road

And we are back! The blog took a two-week hiatus as we enjoyed summer for a bit and got caught up. But we ready for the rest of the month with our favorite projects from the past. In 2006, superintendent Dave Hartman and 18 crew members worked on the Humboldt Road project in Chico, California. […]

Project of the Month: Waimanola Gulch Landfill

This month, International Lining Technology features a project from Hawaii. The Waimanola Gulch Landfill Cell E9 UV Cover job at Kapolei, Hawaii, was completed in August 2015. Superintendent Dave Hartman and 10 other crew members spent two months installing 201,027 square feet of 60 mil HDPE, 201,505 square feet of 40 mil HDPE, 200,404 square […]

How geosynthetic lining improves aquaculture industry

Living in the high desert of Northern Nevada, the folks at International Lining Technology are hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean. But an article in Geosynthetica, “Geosynthetic Lining Systems in Fish Farming,” caught our attention as we were catching up on the other news such as the passage of the U.S. transportation bill and […]