Geosynthetics 101 – The Basics

Have you ever wondered any of the following, “What does geosynthetic mean?” “Where does it come from?” Or, “What are geosynthetic products used for?”

I know that when I began working with International Lining Technology that I had plenty of questions regarding their products and services. The more you learn about geosynthetic products, materials, and purposes the more interesting it gets. I welcome you to, “Geosynthetics 101.”The basics.

The word, “Geosynthetic” derives from:
GEO = earth, soil
SYNTHETIC = made by human

“Geosynthetics is a planar, polymeric (synthetic or natural) material used in contact with soil/rock and/or any other geotechnical material for filtration, drainage, separation, reinforcement, protection, sealing, and packing.” Information is from Jefrihutagalung’s Blog…For Science n fun

Functions of geosynthetic products.
Filtration – To allow passage of fluids while preventing the passage of soil particles.
Protection – To prevent damage of a layer.
Reinforcement – To improve the shear resistance of soil.
Separation – To maintain the integrity of a soil layer.
Erosion Control – To prevent soil erosion by water or wind forces.
Barrier – To prevent the migration of liquids or gases.
Containing – To cover soil or sand and prevents scouring.

Geosynthetic products are like the sheriff of regulating and protecting applications including roads, airfields, railroads, embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, erosion control, sediment control, landfill liners, landfill covers, mining , aquaculture, and agriculture. They are currently used in many civil, geotechnical, transportation, geoenvironmental, hydraulic, and private developments. Now that’s one busy sheriff!

Types of Geosynthetic products.

So now you have some of the basics regarding what Geosynthetic products are, what they’re used for, and the various types they consist of. There is so much more to cover.

Stay tuned for in-depth information on specific products and usage. I hope that you acquired some new knowledge regarding what we’re passionate about and if you have any questions regarding anything feel free to contact us. A ringing phone makes us happy because it means new friends!

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