Employee spotlight shines on Dave Hartman

This month, International Lining Technology, one of the United States’ leading geosynthetics and geomembrane contractors, is proud to feature superintendent Dave Hartman. Dave has been with us since August 2006, and he is one of our best employees.

Dave Hartman


What does Dave’s job entail?

When Dave is given a project, he has to figure out how to deploy the geosynthetic liners so that it conforms to the project plans and specifications.

He often has to deal with extreme heat and cold, as well as weather interruptions that, at times, could make it nearly impossible to install geosynthetics. Conditions need to be dry for proper installation. Dave always ensures that projects are done efficiently, properly and on time.

He also supervises a crew that averages between 12 to 16 members on projects across the country. He acts as our liaison between International Lining Technology and on-site clients.


What previous experience does he bring to the job?

Dave has been installing geosynthetics since 1994. He started at the bottom and has experience in every aspect of geosynthetic installation before becoming a superintendent. Dave said that it helped him become a better superintendent because he truly understands and relates to every single aspect of the job.


What does he enjoy most about his job at International Lining Technology?

Dave has been able to travel and see different parts of the country and world. Projects have taken him to rural Nevada, across California, and into neighboring states of Colorado, Arizona and Idaho. Currently, he is on-site in Hawaii.


Dave, what is one surprising aspect about your job that people don’t know about?

“When I tell people what I do, everyone is surprised when they see the large size of the projects. When I say I line ponds, they think it’s a typical small pond until they see the pictures. The scale/size surprises everyone.”


What does he like to do outside of work?

Dave loves to surf, snowboard and spend time with his new family. He’s a newlywed.

Hartman family

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