Plastic-lined ponds helps with Empire Mine park water treatment

A sign at Empire Mine State Park.

Earlier this year, project manager Sean visited the Empire Mine State Historic Park in Grass Valley, California.

The park is located at what once was the oldest, largest and most prosperous gold mine in the United States. Today, families can tour the mineyard, grounds and learn more about what life was about during the Gold Rush.

In 2011, International Lining Technology installed more than 127,000 square feet of lining at the closed mine site.

As indicated in the sign, the Magenta Drain is part of a passive mine water treatment system that removes the heavy metals left in the water coming from the old tunnels. Plastic liner was needed at the settling pond and the first wetland pond. Each was needed to make sure that the contaminated water was contained in the designated area and didn’t seep into the ground.

Here are before and after images of the site:



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