Drill Sergeant Blogger yells, "Drop 2 – and save us 70,000 acre-feet of water a year!"

What a month! We have spent a very long time preparing for such a project and now it’s finally here and in full swing. The new project I’m speaking of is called the Drop 2 Reservoir Project in Winterhaven, California and oh what a journey this will be for International Lining Technology!

The supplies have arrived, the crew is working, and we have already put down 1,641,343 square feet of liner since May 5, 2009. Whew!

A little background information of the Drop 2 Reservoir Project:
(All information is from

The drop 2 Reservoir project is, “A system efficiency project that will help conserve Colorado River water that should otherwise not be put to beneficial use in the United States. Conserving this water will reduce the amount of water that must be released from storage at Lake Mead. It will consist of an all-gravity, off-stream storage reservoir system located north of the All-American Canal and Interstate 8 near Drop 2 Structure No. 2, about 30 miles east of El Centro, Ca, and 25 miles west of Yuma, AZ.”

What’s the project’s purpose? “The project will support conservation by capturing non-storable flows resulting from operational mismatches that occur in the Lower Colorado River Basin, and subsequently make those flows available for users in the U.S. (non-storable flows that cannot be captured and stored for later use.”

How will it work? “Non-storable water from the Colorado River will be diverted into the All-American Canal at Imperial Diversion Dam, then into the Drop 2 Storage Reservoir. The water will then be released back into the All-American Canal for delivery to and use by the Imperial irrigation District according to an approved operations plan.”

ILT is very excited to be a part of a project where conservation is key. The reservoir will save about 70,000 acre-feet of water a year. The water that is saved will help keep water levels in Lake Mead high which is important since the levels are used to determine whether there is a shortage declared on the Colorado River.

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