Geosynthetic clay liners provide high absorbency

Geosynthetic clay liners are key to many of International Lining Technology’s containment projects.

This month, we explore the uses of this material or GCL for short. The product is a material where bentonite or other clay is bonded between two woven or nonwoven geotextiles to slow seepage. The primary uses are in landfills and fluid containment projects. Bentonite is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate clay that helps create a low permeability barrier. It is ideal for containment solutions.

The material can handle slopes and high loads well and has a long lifespan of many decades if installed correctly.

Our experts determine what weight and other materials to use with GCL depending on the purpose to the project, how much weight it will contain and what it will contain.

International Lining Technology is one of the nation’s leading geosynthetics and geomembrane contractors, and we offer pond, pit, pad and canal lining services.

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