5 #sustainabilty Twitter accounts to follow

Twitter has become a go-to forum to hold discussions, get the latest news or engage with the millions of people on the social medium.

While known for viral and fun content, the # also has inspired movements and driven change in our world.

International Lining Technology is committed to a sustainable world through our efforts in containment solutions. And small following has grown around the topic of #sustainability, and we think these five accounts are inspiring to follow.

  • Forum for the Future: @Forum4theFuture boasts 38,000 followers and is an “independent non-profit working globally with business, govt & more to solve complex sustainability challenges.” Beyond the news, they hold events and chats.
  • Environmental Daily: @ELDaily has a following of 23,500, and the Colorado-based company focuses on “business coverage of energy & environmental news.”
  • Huffington Post Green: @HuffPostGreen carries a massive following of 406,000 because of its broad media reach. The stories also are broader and touch upon “energy, environment, animals and more.”
  • Fast Company’s Co.Exist: @FastCoExist, has 205,000 followers and is just fun to read about “world changing ideas and innovation,” and they talk about anything and everything in existence.
  • CSR International: @CSRint, the global group, has a target audience of 18,400 followers. If you are interested in corporate social responsibility, this is the community you need to join.

Many more passionate people exist beyond the five we have listed. We would love to hear about who you follow and why.


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