Geomembrane Lining Applications

Our Mission Is To Protect Earth, Air, And Water With Pond, Pit, and Pad Lining Solutions. But The Most Important Thing We Protect Is Your Trust.


Since the 1940’s, geosynthetics and geomembranes have been used in numerous applications to protect the health of human beings and the environment. At International Lining Technology, we have a passion for protecting the communities we serve and the environment that supports life on this Earth. Whether it’s protecting potable water in a municipal water reservoir, protecting groundwater from landfill leaching, or protecting urban office workers with a methane barrier, International Lining Technology is committed to creating containment solutions for a better world.

Geomembrane lining for a California vineyard


  • Irrigation Ponds
  • Irrigation/Run-Off Storage
  • Fish Farms
  • Manure Containment
  • Stack Caps & Covers
  • Stock Tank Liners


  • Drainage Channeling
  • Erosion, Drainage & Stormwater Control
  • Mine Tailings/ Leach Ponds
  • Slope & Erosion Control
  • Water Conservation


  • Hazmat Containment
  • Reclamation
  • Secondary Containment
  • Tank Liners & Covers


  • Reservoirs & Dams
  • Floating Covers
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Landfills & Waste Management
  • Wastewater Lagoons & Covers

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