Our Geomembrane Lining Team

At International Lining Technology, It’s Not Just About The Plastic.

It’s About The People.

International Lining Technology is picky about plastic, and even pickier when it comes to finding talented, capable professionals to plan, manage, and install geomembrane lining projects across Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, and beyond. Here, you’ll find profiles on our key people, all of whom are passionate about protecting earth, water, and air with containment solutions for a better world.

Michael Salley



Michael Salley has been in the geosynthetic industry since 1989 and has extensive training and experience in the field, ranging from installation and estimating of geosynthetic materials to construction and business management. His prior experience with two of the geosynthetic industry’s largest international manufacturing and installation companies has given him the contacts, access, and expertise to effectively guide International Lining Technology in a very competitive marketplace. Michael manages the company’s day-to-day operations from the company’s headquarters in Reno, Nevada.

Sean Gill


Project Manager

Sean Gill started working in the geosythetic industry as a Quality Control Technician in 1995. After a year in the field he moved into the office to begin his career in estimating. Sean has mastered this science by his proven track record of many secured and successful projects of diverse industries, across multiple continents. Sean’s experience and quality of work is an invaluable asset to International Lining Technology.

Chuck Van Houten


Project Manager

Chuck started working in the geosynthetic industry as a Field Technician in 1994. Through the years, he worked his way up through the ranks to become Project Manager for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geosynthetics and geomembrane materials. Over the course of his career, Chuck installed and managed the installation of projects totaling hundreds of millions of square feet of geosynthetic lining materials. He has performed this work across a multitude of industries, including petroleum (oil and gas), solid waste, wastewater, mining, and agriculture. Chuck is based in International Lining Technology’s Houston, Texas office.

Juan Ayala



Juan began his career in geosynthetic and geomembrane lining installation in 1989. Today, he has an impressive portfolio of successful projects across the American West, including landfill lining and closure, wastewater treatment ponds, heap leach pads for the mining industry, process ponds, and an array of specialty application lining projects as well. Juan’s core competency is troubleshooting problem projects to come up with solutions that satisfy both the engineer and the owner. His successful leadership never fails to earn him the respect and admiration of his team members.

Gabriel Velasquez



Gabriel is one of International Lining Technology’s rising stars, having worked in the geosynthetics industry since 2004 under some of the best superintendents in the business. Under the tutelage of these masters, Gabriel quickly earned the admiration and respect of his team members and has proven himself as a resourceful leader on some very difficult projects, particularly in the mining industry. He has directed the installation of pond liners across a broad range of industries, and worked on mining heap leach pads, process ponds, agricultural ponds, water storage ponds, massive canal lining projects, and a wide variety of specialty application lining projects as well.

Josue Gonzalez



Josue previously worked in quality control and was a supervisor in training for the company. He was hired in 2012 as a QC technician and was promoted in November 2014 to his current position. In his role, he oversees his installation crew, coordinate paperwork related to each job, work as a liaison with project contractors, communicate with project managers and purchase supplies as needed. He has worked close to 40 projects totaling more than 17 million square feet. He enjoys that International Lining Technology allowed him to climb the ladder and to travel around the United States.

Rebecca Jenne



Becky graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a B.S. in Business Management with a major in accounting in 1991. She spent 13 years in public accounting with a Reno CPA firm. She began her work with ILT in 2002 as an outside consultant focused on establishing the company’s accounting system. Over the years, Becky has stayed involved with the business management side of International Lining Technology. She has been an integral part of ILT’s growth and truly enjoys working with the talented people on the ILT team.

Emma Swanson


Assistant Controller

Emma Swanson brings more than 17 years of experience in the construction industry in human resources, accounting and accounts receivable. Duties included payroll processing and handling, tax preparations, claims management, general accounting, audits and invoicing. She also has experience with property liens and AIA billing as an accounts receivable manager at a Florida paver company and inventory and insurance handling as an office manager for a roofing company. She joined ILT in April of 2016.

Dan Harrison


Estimating Manager

Dan joined International Lining Technology in May of 2011. He started working in the geosynthetic industry as a draftsman in 1997. While working, Dan also attended college and earned an Associates Degree in engineering and drafting. Dan has worked on a wide range of projects including landfills, mining, water treatment facilities, and wineries, to name a few. He has extensive knowledge of AutoCAD and plan reading. Dan’s broad experience within the industry, his attention to detail, as well as his great relationships with engineers and material manufacturers have made him an important member of our team.

David Hartman



Dave Hartman has 14 years of experience associated with the installation of geosynthetic materials. He is responsible for supervising staff and equipment for the installation and seaming of a variety of geosynthetic liners and components. He has assisted in all aspects of lining installation and he has had in-house training and hands on experience that has met all the criteria required to be rated as an International Lining Technology welder, QC/QA Technician and Installer. He has also supervised the installation of a number of complex installations that includes multi-layers landfill, hazardous waste landfills and specialty applications. International Lining Technology Superintendent rating requires a minimum of five million square feet of installation experience. He is also qualified to assist in the training of geomembrane welders, QC Technicians, and Installers. Dave is also MSHA certified.

Vince Martinez


Construction Manager

Vince has worked in the geosynthetics industry for more than 30 years. He has worked for major geosynthetics and geomembrane manufacturers on projects all over the globe. Vince’s breadth of experience and capabilities are unmatched in the industry, and he is considered an expert in his field. At International Lining Technology, Vince leads our construction crews and manages our equipment and technology needs. Vince’s specialties include Design/Build projects and projects with great challenges, either technically or otherwise. His exceptional ability to work well with others and problem-solve on the fly make Vince a valuable resource on any project.

Gilberto Mendoza



Since starting his career in 1989, Gilberto has added value to hundreds of significant geosynthetic and geomembrane installation projects throughout North America and beyond. With more than two decades of experience centered around pond liner installation on an industrial scale, Gilberto is an expert at handling complex installation projects including agricultural ponds, massive canals, water storage ponds, heap leach pads, landfill lining and closure, and dozens of unusual and specialty lining installation projects.

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