Meet Josue Gonzalez

Josue Gonzalez

This month, International Lining Technology would like to recognize Josue Gonzalez, who works in quality control and is a supervisor in training. He has been with us for two years.

How would you describe your job and what do you do on a daily basis?
As a QC, I make sure that my paperwork is always done. As a supervisor, I keep an eye on my crew and make sure they’re safe every day.

What previous experience do you bring to the job?

I’ve always liked to learn every aspect of the job, so I know how to run equipment and how to get the paperwork done.

What do you enjoy most about working for International Lining Technology?

What I enjoy the most of ILT is the chance to move up in the company and traveling the U.S.

What attracted you to this type of work?
The thing that attracted me the most to this job was the traveling.

What tip would you give to others interested in the field?

Now, that’s the hard one. Work is seasonal. It slows down for awhile, but we are always trying to get everyone working to provide for their families. Keep in there because no matter what happens year by year, we need the people that like working here.

What is one surprising aspect about your job that people don’t know about?
The most surprising aspect of my job is that after we are done in the field, there is always work after work.

What do you like to do outside of work? Why?
Outside of work, I like to talk to my family. That’s why I work hard to help them.

What is your favorite meal and why?
Homemade food no matter what it is because I don’t get it often.

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