Pond Lining, Pit Lining, Pad Lining, Canal Lining, Secondary Containment.

International Lining Technology: The Pond, Pit, Pad, And Canal Lining Company That Really Seals The Deal.

International Lining Technology is a leading pond lining company and installer of geosynthetics and geomembranes for pond lining, lagoon lining, pit lining, tank liner systems, canal lining, secondary containment, petroleum industry site prep work, mining leach pad and stormwater ponds lining, landfill lining and closure, water-storage reservoir lining, floating covers, baffle curtains and more.

From lining materials made of flexible Polyethylene to PVC, and from HDPE to exotics like LLDPE Supergrip Net and Closure Turf, International Lining Technology harnesses the power of advanced materials and great people to create containment solutions for a better world.

We welcome your inquiries, and we thank you for the opportunity to bid on your next pond lining or geosynthetic contracting project today.


ILT Project

International Lining Technology Has Successfully Installed Millions Of Square Feet Of Pond, Pit, Pad And Canal Lining Materials For:

  • Agricultural & Water Conservation Lining
  • Biofuels & Ethanol Process Ponds & Containment
  • Municipal Water Reservoir Linings, Covers, and Baffle Curtains
  • Oil, Gas & Mining Prep Work & Secondary Containment
  • Power & Utility Wastewater Ponds
  • The 80-Mile Long All-American Canal
  • Waste Management & Landfill Lining and Closure
  • And Much, Much More.

A Message from Sean Gill, Project Manager


ILT Nears Completion at American Avenue Landfill December 20th, 2017 ILT 2017 Sporting Clays Shoot June 9th, 2017 Project of the Month: Reid Gardner Generating Station December 7th, 2016

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"The Truckee Meadows Water Authority appreciated the timeliness of your company's response in making the repairs under adverse conditions with very short notice. Thanks to International Lining, our customers will not experience any service curtailments or interruptions."

– Scott W. Benedict

"Thank you for a job well done on our effluent pond… from the initial quote to the finished product, we were 100% satisfied. I am very pleased and will be in touch the next time I need a lining system installed!"

– Jacob Kley

"ILT was cooperative and responsive to the owner's QC requirements, and the liner installation was completed ahead of schedule. We hope to have the opportunity to work with ILT on future projects."

– Mark E. Johnson

"ILT impressed me with their focus on customer service and win-win approach to resolving difficulties. Layfield is pleased with ILT's performance and would not hesitate to employ ILT in similar capacities in the future."

– Al McRae